Posted on Feb 6th, 2006

What we could all do with these days is that "peace that passes all understanding" spoken of in the Bible. That would go a long way to eliminating the high stress levels in the workplace and at home. What we need is an excellent role model. We need someone who turns the other cheek. We need a person who returns a soft answer to an angry insult.

His name is Jesus and He is the perfect answer to every high stress situation. Working towards being like Him is Stress-Management Breakthrough Tip - Part- 3.

There are some Christians who, when confronting a difficult situation, ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" That works well.

All Christians should be mindful that the label they wear - "Christian" - means little Christ. Their behavior needs to mirror his. This is not optional. It is a command.

Elevated blood pressure, a racing heart, a throbbing head, caused by stress, can all be treated with the Lord’s help.

Just ask Him and you got access to Stress-Management Breakthrough Tip - Part 3 and he Starts Working Instantly.

You get blessed a special promise in Proverbs 16.7 the moment you make the choice to call upon HIm. As you’ve been well pleasing to Him, He makes all your enemies to be at peace with you.

And surely one of your biggest, life-threatening enemies, is stress.

Ask and you will receive your breakthrough today.

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