Posted on Feb 7th, 2006

Emotional and mental clutter can be as stressful as physical clutter, probably even more so.

Clutter in your mind

One of my favorite movies of the last several years is "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding. One of the many great lines is the movie is when Nicholson and Kinnear are both lamenting about their feelings of depression and Kinnears character says simply:

"I need some new thoughts."

Have you ever felt like you need some new thoughts? Are you feeling that way now? Are the things on which you are focusing cluttering up your mind and dragging you down?

One way to get some new positive thoughts is to find just one positive future oriented thing to focus on.

When you catch yourself in the thoughts you wish to get rid of, switch to the more positive focus. It takes practice, to be sure, and it’s worth it, to be sure too.

Clutter in your heart

Are you still carrying around some old resentments that should have died long ago?

I’ve never yet encountered a resentment that was worth holding onto.

Freeing yourself from old resentments releases you from continued harm so that you can life your life.

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