Posted on Feb 8th, 2006

Is your "To-Do" list longer then the latest Harry Potter novel? Do you have to pick up the kids from school, work on several cases at work, or plan your next company meeting? Maybe you have to do some or all of the above. Dealing with stressful life situations like these has become common place in our modern speed of light society.

Through advances in technology and innovation in business practices we have become accustomed to dealing with more things at a quicker pace. Our patience has diminished as we pop minute meals into the microwave instead of taking time to create a home cooked meal. There are too many things you need to accomplish in the day to worry about whether your family meal was made by your hands or Betty Crocker’s.

Unfortunately the push to achieve more in a shorter period of time is detrimental to your overall health. Lack of sleep and poor eating habits of a stressed out worker can cause problems on the job, not to mention decreased fitness. It is crucial to your health and enjoyment of life to take a breather. Take time to enjoy life. Don’t let the everyday stresses distract you from the important aspects of life, whatever they may be in your situation.

How can I make time when I don’t have enough time to begin with? It’s all about priorities. Decreasing the amount of stress in your life should be a top priority. There are techniques you can integrate into your day which will quell stressful aspects of your life.

What are these valuable techniques? There are numerous stress reduction techniques and they are varied in nature. A great audio book to listen to is Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal by Loretta LaRoche. This audio book provides insights into slowing down your hectic life in a funny, manageable way. It is a great resource for anyone dealing with stress that would like to explore practical ways to reduce stress in their life.

Also check out How to Manage Stress Easily by Effective Learning Systems. This audio learning resource will help you to free yourself from negative feelings and stressors that pervade your life. Another great audio book is Calm Your Mind by Matthew McKay. Matthew McKay presents four basic techniques you can engage in to reduce stress, calm your mind, and center your soul.

Follow the scientifically proven effectiveness of the techniques presented in Stress Reduction and Creative Meditations for Work and Career by Marc Allen. Listen to what thousands have learned about focusing on relaxation exercises each day. Another great audio resource is Living a Life of Inner Peace by Eckhart Tolle. This is a transformative talk by Eckhart Tolle that focuses on the effects of your state of presence.

Another great way to reduce stress is to make sure all of your uncompleted business tasks (or "open loops") are properly tracked. David Allen’s Getting Things Done series is one of the best methodologies for this. His goal? To help you achieve a "Mind Like Water." Allen’s audio titles include Getting Things Done, Ready for Anything and Nightingale-Conant title Getting Thigns Done Fast.

Other alternative stress reduction audio resources include A Guide to Alternative Self-Healing Techniques for Stress Reduction by Dr. William Collinge and Stress Relief by Michael Reed Gach. These audio books cover alternative methods such as acupuncture, yoga, and deep breathing. They offer a comprehensive alternative approach. And if you’re interested in listening to a relaxing podcast to relieve stress take a listen to the Zencast Podcast by

Relieve stress by listening to these priceless audio resources. Listen to them while you are cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or planning your next company meeting. Hearing the great advice and inspiration of stress experts will begin to reduce your stress level immediately.

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