Posted on Feb 20th, 2006

Stress, the word that has become the enemy of millions around the world. So many of us are stressed all the while. Every small decision creates stress. Every small change creates stress. Even a kid going to primary school faces stress now a days. Rather one must try and find out what does not cause stress.

How to fight stress? How to relax and live normally for some time during the day? These are the questions most of us ask. Sleep fights stress to some extent, but many people get up in the morning feeling tired. All because of the accumulated stress. New therapies and new ways are being found and sold everyday to fight stress, so much so that fighting stress has become a billion dollar industry.

Let us go back to our ancestors. Were they stressed? They went out in the mornings to hunt and returned in the evenings to enjoy a very peaceful sleep. Why? Because they lived with the nature. Can we try something like that? We certainly can not go and stay in the jungles like our ancestors, so let us find something from their life that can help us fight stress.

The sun, the life giver for all of us. Without sun there would be no life on our earth. And the sun is very punctual. It rises and sets at the time it is supposed to. It has no change in moods that can postpone its work. That is the beauty of the sun. Watch the sun setting. After the day of tiredness, sit and watch the sun set. Slowly the sun will set and the night will engulf all of us. Watch the changing colors of the sky, the scattering light from the clouds and the sun setting, slowly. Suddenly you will find that the sun has set and the night has arrived. The sun will rise again tomorrow. But today’s evening will give you a lot to relax and wonder about the mysteries and beauties of nature. Fight stress watching the sun set.

Stress is bad, because it stops us deriving any joy from life. It stops us to watch and enjoy the flowers, the butterflies, the stars and the birds. It stops us in spending quality time with friends and family. Fight stress and live a happy and relaxed life.

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