Posted on Mar 9th, 2006

Have you found yourself enjoying your coffee a little too much? Is the caffeine causing problems?

Here is the answer: "Half-Caff" - mix decaffeinated and regular coffee! This has provided a great answer to the age-old problem that the Germans describe as “too much too soon”.

You need the elevated alertness because of a busy schedule and the first cup of coffee does not seem to be working. So you have another and before you know it, you experience the effects of caffeine overload. The experts say: “Moderation is the key”. Your body can only process so much caffeine at one time, after that – it begins to protest. Symptoms include: the jitters, polyuria (extra trips to the bathroom), an overactive mind (do I really need to be obsessing over the font style in this letter), anxiety, impatience with others, etc.

Caffeine is much more effective and you are able to manage it much better when it is introduced to the body over a span of time. Do you remember your parents saying, “Give it a chance!” ? Well, like most things in life, it takes a little while for the full effect to hit you. Part of the problem goes back to the polyuria effect – dehydration.

Another little known secret to solve many aspects of this issue is to drink a glass of water! The water rehydrates your body, provides for better distribution of the caffeine, and actually reduces polyuria. Plus - good, clean, water is beneficial to your overall system. All this results in delaying that next cup of coffee until your body is more ready to make use of the benefits. Try it – you will be amazed!

Caffeine has many beneficial effects, but “Give it a chance!”.

** Moderation is the key
** "Half-Caff" is the way to go!
** Try the “glass of water trick”

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