Posted on Mar 31st, 2006

STOP NOW! That’s right, where you are right now, in front of the screen. You can take this opportunity to choose, for the next 3 minutes or so, to be a human ‘being’ instead of a human ‘doing’. Just let yourself ‘be’.

How good are you at noticing when ‘stress’ has taken its hold on you? Your mind and body are extremely good at giving you messages to say “It’s all getting too much, something needs to change.” When we ignore those messages, what happens? They get louder, and LOUDER! The messages comes in the guise of headaches, digestive problems, bad temper, aches, pains, depression and anxiety and the list goes on and on.

Close your eyes now, inhale deeply and exhale slowly through parted lips and then just ‘listen’ to your mind and body. This may seem a little odd to you at first, but I promise it is worth it. Just carry on.

  • What kind of thoughts are going on in your mind?

  • Do you find it possible to just ‘still’ your mind and let go of your thoughts, so that you can think of absolutely nothing?
  • How does your body feel right now? Spend a good few moments just seeing how your body reacts to you tuning in to it. What are you noticing, seeing, hearing and feeling?
  • Tune in to your jaw.
    Inhale deeply and as you exhale repeat slowly to yourself: ‘It’s OK to relax my jaw now.’

    Tune in to your neck and shoulders.
    Inhale deeply and as you exhale repeat slowly to yourself: ‘It’s OK to relax my neck and shoulders now.’

    Tune in to your back.
    Inhale deeply and as you exhale repeat slowly to yourself: ‘It’s OK to relax my back now.’

    Now notice your breathing. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Which one is moving the most? Begin to allow the lower hand to move forward as you inhale and backwards as you exhale.

    Well done! So now you are getting to be more in tune with your mind and body and have already learnt some simple ways to ‘let go’.

    Tools like the simple exercise above are invaluable when it comes to handling stress. Most Stress Management programmes look at ‘combating’ stress. This approach has never appealed to me because it sounds like one big fight. That actually would make me feel more stressed. And there is a much easier way, I can assure you.

    Give Up The ‘Fight’!

    Instead of fighting stress, clients on my Stress Management programme move into the field of ‘acceptance’. I teach quick and simple techniques that allow you to noticeably release tension in your mind and body in just a few seconds.

    This is how it works… clients are encouraged to play with a whole tool box of techniques. They pick out the ones which they feel work best for them so creating a bank of resources to suit any ‘stressful’ situation. Whether in the workplace, at home or out and about, they are now equipped with a choice of simple tools which they can use easily and effectively, whenever they feel symptoms of stress. Here’s how one lady describes the process,

    “I began to tune in to a lightness in my body, my feelings of overwhelm started to recede, I was able to see what was really important to me and then I could more easily find ways through my problems. I have been practising the technique whenever I feel as though life is getting out of control again. People close to me have noticed how I am more laid back. Most importantly I am no longer suffering with the depression and anxiety which was beginning to really disable me.”

    To find out how much stress you are under, take my free online Stress Assessment at and then instead of ‘combating’ it, learn how to ‘handle’ it. Your body will thank you for it.

    NLP Coach and Personal Development Trainer, Beryl Whiting delivers professionally developed management training programmes to individuals and blue-chip organisations. You can contact Beryl via her website

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