Posted on Apr 22nd, 2006

I. The IEOE (Instant Expert On Everything)

This is the classic "know-itall." On the old TV show "Cheers," it was Cliff, the mailman. Expert on everything, complete with facts you and no other rational person cares to know. Particularly irritating when they wander into your area of expertise.

Key Strategy: There’s an old saying that goes "I would rather remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubt." In other words, let the IEOEs ramble on, they will eventually expose themselves for what they are.

2. The IHTBMI (It Has To Be My Idea)

These fine folks are the -ones who have to block any idea or suggestion that is not their own. Especially fun to work with on a staff or committee.

Key Strategy: Ask their opinion on an idea before it’s presented. It gives them the illusion of involvement and ownership. Just be sure they don’t steal your idea.

3. The YB (Yes, Butt-ers)

These are the bozos that can find the exception to any rule and tell you in detail why something won’t work. Their favorite pastime is setting you up to make suggestions they can shoot down.

Key strategy: Silence. It exposes the game. Also, use them to your advantage. They are great people to consult when you want to check your thinking or find the flaws in a plan.

4. The STAID (Shark That Acts Like a Dolphin)

This breed of bozo is particularly dangerous because he or she is usually well-disguised. They look like dolphins and then act like sharks.

Key Strategy: Would you swim with dolphins in the water? Sure, it could be fun. Would you swim with sharks in the water? Not likely. If you have to swim with sharks, protect yourself accordingly.

And always remember with whom you are swimming.

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