Posted on Apr 28th, 2006

Every now and then, we will see an article in a magazine claiming that Sunday is dead. We’ve turned it into just another high stress day in which to get things done.

To me, it is the mark of an over-stressed person, a workaholic, a heart attack waiting to happen, a life out of control.

The artidle went on to make it sound like there are sinister forces at work trying to steal our Sundays from us.

So I have a question:

"If Sunday is dead, who killed it?"

Was it technology? Nope, technology is just a tool.

Was it the baby boomers? Nope, we need rest too.

Was it generation X, Y or Z? Nope, even they need rest.

After much thought, investigation and research, I have discovered who the culprit is. The answer is a bit disturbing.

We killed Sunday.

That is, we and our choices.

Unless you are in a desperate situation where you must work three or four hours just to make ends meet or you are a minister, you have a choice about how to spend Sundays.

The problem is that most Americans have very weak choice muscles. We are mueh more comfortable finding someone or something else to blame.

I really believe we know better, yet we keep making poor choices with our time. Or as stress management expert Tim O’Brien says,

"If we all hate stress so much then why do we live like this?"

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