Posted on Apr 29th, 2006

From the moment we enter our first day of school to the day we retire from our jobs we are slaves to the clock.

When to start, when to finish, when to eat, when to sleep we are slaves to the clock.

The unfortunate thing is, the controller of the clock is not time but we ourselves …we are our own slave masters. We put so much emphasis on getting the job done, whatever the job is, to the point where we become undone.

Life comes with its own built in stress tests, yet we still choose to add self induced stresses. There are many moments in our day that we can take a few minutes to relax, rejuvenate and regenerate for what lies ahead.

It could be power napping on our lunch break, listening to relaxing sounds on our daily commute, just as long as we regularly feed as much positives into our system to combat the inherent negatives of our daily lives we will continue to lose the battle of stress management.

Take a few moments everyday and I do mean everyday and focus on you and your wants, needs and desires. Only then we will you realize that if you can not really and truly please yourself you will never be able to please anyone else.

Rudy Rodway
Relevant Products Inc.

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