Posted on May 3rd, 2006

Sleeping pills have been the traditional remedy for insomnia and are consumed at a rate far more terrifying than mind changing illegal drugs.

Alternative medicine has hit the market at a similar speed where Godly Peace has been smothered beneath a blanket of suspect spirituality. Lifestyle changes have attacked us all in dramatic ways. Many have been forced to try anything that even looks like providing a peace that will give a tired body just enough power to survive the next day.

True and deep tiredness from a solid day’s work enjoys the reward of a good night’s sleep. Try a simple, free and highly successful remedy that could appear as a ‘joke’ to some but once tried, used every night.

After the shower and probably while still in the bathroom take a few moments to empty your mind following the rules contained within God’s Word.

Recall every negative experiences that may have tried to take root through your thoughts during the day. Speak to these as you would an uninvited intruder to your home, eg "I command all confusion to be washed off this mind", and " I command all negative feelings to be cleaned out of this mind." Finish with, " Thank you for causing the storm to be still"

Verbalize these phrases at least 7-8 times; by this time you will notice a growing peace with a preparedness for bed.

Now, very importantly refill your mind with the PEACE that flows like a river. eg, "Thank you Lord for filling this mind with a Peace that flows like a river", or "Thank you that I will sleep satisfied and untouched by every evil."

Once this ‘habit’ becomes as basic as the shower the sleeping pills will become a thing of the past whilst the new Peace passes all understanding.

Copyright 2006 Patricia Little

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