Posted on May 5th, 2006

We make up stress for ourselves. We do it with our thoughts. It naturally follows that our thoughts can eliminate stress.

There is no stress in the universe. There is a flow, a give and take, harmony, natural laws of attraction. All of these can be put to use to manage our personal flow, particularly when that flow seems to be clogged with worry and fear.

Deadline Stress

Where do deadline’s come from? We make them up, so we can unmake them. The major times I experience stress is when I’ve decided something should happen by or at such and such a time and that isn’t the universes plan at all. It always ends up that I’m the one that has to change. We impose deadline on ourselves all the time. We make appointments too close together, we agree to do things we should have declined to do. “No” is a great stress relieved.

In business it is a good plan to under promise and over deliver. That way everyone is pleasantly surprised.

Stress Over The Behavior Of Others

We worry about our children, our parents, our friends. We want them to make the “right” choices. But whose “right” are we talking about. A major cause of stress over others is that we want control, we want it to be done our way which happens to be the way we would be comfortable doing it.

Everyone must walk their own path. Everyone must make their own choice. That is how they learn. That is how they deepen their experience to guide them in future choices.

As we embrace a belief that there is only one energy and each of us is an expression of that infinite energy, then we know that no one is alone. Each of us is a part of a wholeness so great it is unimaginable. We are guarded and guided every step of the way.

What To Do To Release Stress

Detach yourself. Put it in perspective. Are you really going to get sick because of certain papers on your desk that need something done to them? Do you choose to ignore your own need for rest or nourishment because you very much want to have a vote in what someone else is choosing. When someone you love is sick or making what you perceive as dangerous choices, move into trust and faith. Release them to their highest good and know the outcome will be perfect.

Non-attachment does not mean not caring. It means releasing it to its only natural fulfillment. If I put out an idea at a meeting I can be very attached to it’s acceptance as the way things should be or I can put it out and let it take the form the group needs for it to take. It may be embraced, it may be tabled, it may be dropped. I offer the idea because it was an intuitive nudge from my inner wisdom. Period. I have offered and I release it.

Non-attachment does not mean you don’t help. But first you need to ask if they person wants your help or advice. Sometimes in our good intentions to assist we actually are sending the message “You can’t do that, you’re not good enough to do that.” A very disempowering message to send.

How Do You Change Your Vibration When You Are Under Stress?

Without going too deeply into the Law of Attraction, we can basically say that like attracts like. When we are vibrating to worry and angst we will definitely attract more of the same. To move from stress to peace we must change our vibration. There are definitely things we can do.

  • Consciously let go of any concern about the result or outcome.
  • Align yourself with wholeness
  • Trust
  • Practice non attachment
  • Stay in the “now,”
  • Don’t worry about “what if.”
  • Under promise and over deliver.
  • Say “no.” Choose only activities that nourish and satisfy you.
  • Let go of the need to control – a situation, another’s actions, an outcome.
  • Ask someone to help you hold your faith steady (friend, spiritual counselor).
  • Allow circumstances to unfold at their own pace. You cannot force a flower to bloom.
  • Exchange fear for trust. Fear contributes to your negative thought.
  • Trust your fundamental beliefs to hold you. Remember that you are a contributing member to a Universe of Love. You are innately whole and serene.
  • Move from your head to your heart by consciously breathing in wholeness to fill your body.
  • Know that everyone is part of one infinite energy
  • Understand that even when souls choose to leave the planet “early” they have chosen their gift of departure in advance.
  • You are only responsible for your own thoughts and actions. (That should keep you busy enough!)
  • Lower and eliminate stress by changing your thoughts and awareness.
  • Look at the situation from another viewpoint.
  • If you like the results and experiences you are doing, keep doing them.
  • If you find areas you desire to change, simply change your vibration by changing your thought.

Your Own Path

My favorite new thing to do is to pick out qualities I want to experience at the beginning of each day. Flow, clarity, peace, serenity, discovery, insights, completion, awareness. The next day when I journal I note what has manifested.

You make your own stress. You can unmake your own stress. Watch your mind and monitor it. Thank it for it’s worrisome, negative, you-can’t-do-it thoughts and in their place put your alignment with the natural flow of the universe, trusting and knowing that when you listen to your inner wisdom each choice will lead you in the perfect direction.

Practice non-attachment. Allow things to happen at their own pace. Watch the natural unfolding of miracle after miracle around you.

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