Posted on May 15th, 2006

Wouldn’t it be great if we all woke up with a positive attitude, full of enthusiasm to go to work? In most cases, many Americans find their job to be stressful and unfullfilling.

Companies are looking to reduce workplace stress. Employees under stress are less productive and creative as employees who have a grasp on their emotions and deadlines.The following are ways to resuce stress on the job.

Employers should take time to ask employees what would make them more productive at work. Many employees are never given the chance to voice their opinions. Stress is reduced when management spends time listening to employees.

Creativity breaks the monotony of everyday workplace routines. Employers can try a stand-up meeting where everyone remains standing during the staff meeting. Celebrating untraditional holidays such as Ugly Tie Day or Clean off Your Desk Day is another way of easing tension in the office.

Employers should let their staff know they are appreciated. This can be done by simply attaching a personalized letter to an employee’s paycheck. Giving out awards such as a box of candy for the "Good and Plenty Award" to a person who always has lots of good ideas is another way to express gratitude toward employees.

Encourage employees to bring pictures of their pets for a "World’s Cutest pets" bulletin board.

Start staff meetings by asking "What positive thing happened to you last week at work"? The discussion starts the meeting on an upbeat note.

Ask employees to share what produces stress at work. Then of course, brainstorm for solutions. Just the fact that management takes the time to listen makes employees more open to sharing problems and solutions.

Stress is an everyday part of life. With open communication and a few motivational tools, stress can become manageble, enabling employees to be productive and satisfied.

Silvana Clark is a professioanl speaker, presenting keynotes and workshops on Surviving The Workplace Jungle With Humor.She speaks to audiences, (wearing her pith helmet) about the importance of using humor to reduce stress.The author of 10 books, Silvana also sells a novelty PANIC computer key for frustrated computer users.The double-backed, adhesive computer key attaches to any computer keyboard, or any object that causes frustration, and is designed to reduce stress in the workplace. The gag gift is a bright red computer key imprinted with the word "PANIC." Clark believes that the panic button is ideal for bringing a light hearted touch to the office.

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