Posted on May 28th, 2006

A force applied with strength to extreme or beyond the capacity is stress. Application of stress is in order to sustain, defend, defeat, or achieve the objective. A stress has both negative and positive impacts that lead to strain. The consequence of stress is strain that means the disturbances resulted due to stress imbalances the arrangement. Continuous stress in one stage increases the capacity and makes powerful on the other hand disturbs internal structure and damages it. A stress applied physically leads to physical strain and if mental gives mental strain. Strain is a sort of pain caused by the disturbances.

Whether physical or mental that disturbs smooth going deteriorates formation. It is like an elastic tape, which is stretchable but has limit to it, trying to stretch over the limitation would only damage the tape. In one way, strain and stress are same, begins from stress, and ends at strain. Thus, the stress is stretch and strain is pain or the outcome. Finally, we call in normal language is “stress” penetrated deep into our human society killing each of us

Stress: Is a stage of blankness within self, led by confusion, frustration, aggravation, irritation, competition, and dissatisfaction. A reason of frustration etc is failure to resist, defend, or defeat. The stress is a result of conflict between two forces that are environment and the self.

The external and the internal forces are two opposite features and related to each other. One is to attract and the other one to react and act. However, when internal force becomes weaker to external force, the inability that we face creates the stress due to strain resulted by helplessness. The external force is also a creation by us to live with it through our ambitions, desires, and the activities etc. The external force is the environment or what we call is the situation that attracts us to react. The reaction when fails to match despite the efforts and deep involvement makes us desperate and we fail to go with it. Internal force is our own self, the personality.

Our personality is always ahead of us that influence us to act according to its requirements and desires. Our brain and body as tool act to fulfill the directions. The process of direction and action is through the chemical reactions in the body. Success and failure are the reaction of chemical substance that cheers us up during success and sadden when fail. Our brain cells too get confused during the act, due to extreme involvement towards the goal whether for happiness or sadness. The brain fails to act in its extreme functioning as the machinery in its extreme overheats and collapses. We can sense this situation when we find ourselves in vacuum and nothingness. Is a confused position or stressed and to overcome the situation we have to forget what we intended in our mind and relax until cools down.

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