Posted on Jun 9th, 2006

A recent survey showed that 70-90% of us feel stressed at work and outside. Stress is easy to lead to problems in central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system, immune system, endocrine and reproductive system. There are several ways to control stress. The fact is that Teas they act simultaneously in all the body levels due to it’s many properties, sometimes thousands unlike western drugs that have just a few. This comprehensive general approach that acts in the whole body is the paramount advantage of the natural approach versus the limited drug related one.

Firstly, the optimum alternative would be to leave your stressful environment and you can more easily treat and even cure the conditions. Of course, this is usually difficult if not impossible; so if you gradually reduce the symptoms even while living in the same environment, it will be easier to live and improve your health and emotional condition. When you prepare your tea cup in the traditional way, you will “allow” yourself a few minutes to escape from the stressful environment and emerge in a “different state of mind” even for a few minutes …. Surprisingly these few moments every day it will make a difference. Every time you pour the Teas, you will have the “natural infusion” of tranquility, and healthy nutrients that in the course of time will definitely make you feel better. It’s not a quick fix and it’s meant to slowly improve your condition for the long term.

Exercise is definitely important, as well as meditation and focus on your breathing is paramount. Again not an easy option in the modern way of life but small steps can be effective. Isolate yourself in a space, focus on your breathing, and try to reduce the speed of your heart beat. You can do it standing up or in the lotus position. Yoga and Tai Chi are also excellent. In the Art of Tea, it is said that Teas have the property of slowing altering your “energy” Chi, level and is conducive to a more active way of life. It all works together, mind and body; teas are only one of the ways to bring them into harmony.

All patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression will benefit from treatment with herbs or Teas. Some people feel good for a short time, while others can actually stop drugs and even psychotherapy. It usually takes some time but it does have a long lasting effect and more importantly no side effects. Many people will feel temporary relief after two or three weeks drinking Pure Teas between two or three cups a day and a definite over all improvement after a few months.

The question is what is Tea? And how good are they? And which ones to drink?

We believe that any Tea that comes in a bag is already altered from its natural state with loss of its key properties; it has been usually mixed with different elements, processed in an industrial scale and often of lesser quality. In the traditional sense, Teas should be drunk, in its loose form, in its natural form, without any alteration whatsoever from its original form. Never mixed with milk and some, like Flower Tea, may be used with Crystal sugar, never the refined one.

Try different ones; let your body tell you which ones are more suitable to your condition. Please read about them, ( and to vary is important. For example: after eating fattening foods one should drink Puehr and when feeling too stresses some Oolong.

This makes the whole difference and this is where lies the dividing line between the “real tea” that can effectively make a difference in your stress level as well as your general well being and the other ones.

It is important to highlight that the caffeine in Natural Teas are far less then in Coffee and easily absorbed by the body due to its small quantities.

For more serious cases of course there are a variety of herbal formulas to treat various psychological conditions. A formula of herbs is similar to a doctor’s prescription in the sense that the dosage and specifics of the medicine need to be closely monitored by a trained professional.

In all we recommend to all the high flyers, workaholics, stress addicted members of the modern world to take this very first simple step and sooner then you think you will feel the difference.

Pure Teas, a simple taste of life … a natural way to control stress created, produced and delivered by Mother Nature.

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