Posted on Jun 16th, 2006

With pressure circling like a pack of vultures…pressure to excel, get the job done yesterday, meet demands, and make deadlines it is easy to feel consumed. Often when we have that feeling we forget that we are not super human and that we do need some time to recharge. Let’s face it, if you DO NOT take care of you, you can’t expect to be able to keep going at breakneck speed, be creative, have fun in what you do OR avoid burning out!

Recharging That Battery

Being good to you does not have to cost a fortune, cost you your job or cut into your family time. Frankly, not being good to you can cost you your health, hinder your ability to do your job or enjoy your family.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you avoid becoming fried to the point of crispiness…

1) If you are confined to your office, make it a point to get out of your chair, stretch your legs a bit and take a few deep breaths. Stretching and breathing is important to getting the blood flowing.

2) Try to get in some time for exercise a few times a week. A quick walk around the block will do wonders, believe me!

3) Get present! What that means…taking a moment to really pay close attention to what is happening around you. For example, if you are washing your hands, take notice of how the water feels and what the soap smells like. Being aware of what is going on around you even for a minute will help you to relax.

4) Schedule an appointment with yourself in your calendar each and every day. Make that YOUR time. Time that you will commit to yourself with no distractions.

Whatever the activity, please be sure to take some time to relax.

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Pam Thomas is a personal and business development coach who supports individuals that are stuck or in transition in creating their best life. Her passion and purpose is to help others find the resources and wondrous assets within them and around them to excel, overcome obstacles and discover the amazing opportunities available. Pam understands what it takes to reach deep inside to overcome fears and anxieties in order to truly achieve the goals, dreams and desire that rests within all of us. For more information about Pam’s work, please visit;

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