Posted on Jun 18th, 2006

Job related stress can be a real killer - both of the mind and the body and that is why many men and women are turning to laughter in order to overcome the stress they are feeling at work.

As millions of adults across the globe look for ways to release some stress, the Internet has become a major source of stress relief. Searching for online jokes and humor has helped many people get through their day.

Recent studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of adults that search the Internet do it during working hours, perhaps looking for a diversion to get their mind off of their stress or looking for stress release techniques.

Entire websites have been devoted to stress, stress relief and job related humor. There are even websites that proclaim "I work for a pain in the a…" that let you nominate your boss as the biggest pain in the rear for the month or year and give you some funny advice on how to deal with your annoying boss.

Job related humor also fills countless emails as coworkers and friends try to help their colleagues get through the day with a laugh and a smile and some much needed venting.

Another group of websites that benefit from job related stress are the countless online job posting websites that let people dream of greener pastures. Many online searchers envision the telling their boss what they have been thinking, but never saying for the past few years as they quit and never look back.

The people who seem to deal with their stress the best are those who are able to laugh at themselves and others. Perhaps, the people who get the biggest laughs of all are those creative people that create the websites proclaiming they work for a real pain in the rear.

Whether the stress is real or imagined, there is no disputing the fact that job related stress is a real concern for people. Though people suffering the symptoms of stress should seek professional assistance, a little humor may go a long way in relieve that job related stress.

David Casey, VP, SetSitesHigh ( is a website designer and developer with no relationship with or any job related or stress related websites.

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