Posted on Jun 27th, 2006

Here is a simple definition of stress, one which you won’t find in a dictionary….

‘Stress is anything you expend energy on’

Yes, everything you do is stressful. Why? Because it uses up energy from the body.

With society being the way it is, traumatic events, catastrophes, etc are deemed to be stressful, which they are. But these are huge traumas; it is the day to day minor stresses that cause most of your problems.

It is these small accumulating stresses that eat away without you knowing. It is like the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back. Each day things increase until one day some minor event happens and all hell breaks loose.

Most people have noticed a friend, family member, co-worker go completely crazy after what seemed a minor event. It would have seemed bizarre, as from your perspective the event didn’t warrant that huge reaction. This is how ‘road rage’, domestic violence etc occurs.

It is the accumulation of stress that one day allows a minor stress to cause a complete snap. Then the body reacts.

But day to day these stresses are eating away at your health also. Stress is attributed to most of your life shortening diseases. Why?

Because stress eats away at your core level, it affects your ability to heal, recover, resist and prevent disease.

So like I said, “Stress is anything you expend energy on”. But there is also good stress.

Good Stress is where you expend energy on an activity but it returns a greater volume of energy to you. Either immediately, or with time as you continue the activity. For example, exercise is stressful on the body, but done correctly is a good stress.

Bad Stress is where you expend energy on an activity and get less or nothing back. Worries, fears, anxieties, work pressures and deadlines, and many others. Bad Stress is the main cause of your ill health. It is the stress that affects you most and the one you must learn to deal and cope with.

So if everything is stressful, can you group stresses to make it easier to combat and prevent. Sure.

In part 2, I will group the different types of stress, why? Once you where stress comes from, it is easier to work out a plan to combat it.

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