Posted on Jun 29th, 2006

Why Should You Journal?

Stress lives in your head. To reduce stress you need to use journaling. Why?

Writing your stresses down is a simple thing to do for stress relief. It is a simple mind trick to take stress out of your head.

In today’s world you are constantly bombarded by mental pressures. You have deadlines to meet, time constraints on your activities, over-bearing bosses, performance issues and many other mental pressures.

You get home and you have to provide for your family, pay the bills, and plan ahead for retirement. You have to deal with your children and their issues, maintain relationships and many other family stresses.

You have no time for yourself and very little for those you love the most … your family.

All of these stresses sit in your head. They take up all the room so that you seem to be missing a few hours in the day.

The day flies past too quickly and so do the weeks and months. Suddenly it is Christmas again and you have only just got your head around May and June.

Sound familiar?

If you break down what you actually do physically, you will be surprised.

The time you take to perform all your physical tasks, whether they are at work or home, is less than you think. You actually have a few hours left over in the day. Although you feel you haven’t got a spare minute. You probably have a spare four hours.

That time is all taken up in your head. You have thousands if not millions of things flying around inside your head. Stresses, pressures, deadlines etc, all running through your mind taking up space and making you feel tired, rundown, hectic and chaotic. Your stress levels are rising and time just flies by.

Mental activity takes time, unproductive time.

If you plan a task: plan it, set your goals, define tasks and do it. Then forget it, no need to re-analyze it, no need to go over and over the same details.

The same for problem solving and every other task you have.

If you write them down, this is called journaling. You will find you reduce stress.

The next article will show you how to keep a journal…

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