Posted on Jun 30th, 2006

How do you keep a Journal?

Getting things on paper takes it out of your head. Your mind actually will release stress. Writing tasks down helps to clarify issues, helps to analyze goals and set step by step procedures to follow.

Notice how once you write things down, especially your stresses, things don’t seem so bad. You appear to have more time and the tasks seem easier and simpler to complete.

So write down everything. Don’t get carried away, I mean write down your stresses and your daily tasks.

Use a journal or diary for your tasks. You probably want to keep a track record of what you are going to do and what you’ve done.

It also helps to give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ when you have reached your goal or completed a task. Just put a big tick next to the task. Make it large, it feels better that way.

Write down your stresses though. It can be what the boss said, or your employees. It could be the frustrations of a task or a colleague. Anything, but write it down.

On paper, it doesn’t seem that bad. Stresses appear less real and less heavy when you write them down.

Now a word of warning …

Use a notebook or paper you can put in a folder. You may want to dispose of your writings and not let the boss see them. You may have a few pages of how bad you think they are, or colleagues or the task assigned. You may have a whole page of swear words, just because everything is on top of you and it helps to swear … on paper.

But write them down; keep it in a folder or notebook. Just keep it private.

A good technique to do either daily or weekly is to gather all your writings and … burn them.

Yes, set fire to it. Again, carefully, use a fire place if you have one. If not please be safe.

If you can’t burn them, then rip them up. Into small tiny pieces and them throw them away. Send them to a fictitious address (probably don’t sign anything and still rip it up, you don’t want to scare anyone).

By burning, tearing up or sending the words away, you are telling your brain to release and reduce stress.

It can be quite a euphoric ritual. You write it down by journaling, then burn the evidence. All the stress goes up in smoke.

Just one way to reduce stress. Stress relief is essential today due to the many mental stresses you face. Journaling and writing stresses down helps to get the stress out of your head. Just try it and see how easy it is.

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