Posted on Jul 7th, 2006

Let me guess….I’m quite sure you belong to the majority whom has already abandoned that project you had set for yourself, and you might feel the stress and frustration for not getting the results. Let me tell you - it is not your fault.

That goal or resolution you had set is probably the same one every year, be it to make more money, keeping yourself fit or getting up early everyday. The result will still be the same dismay one as you fall into your same old ways. Don’t you wish you had a way to change yourself permanently so that your goals can be met?

You have within you the key to your problems, but that key is hidden in a dark room and you cannot locate it.

Now how do you find that key? Put a light to it.

You are probably thinking, ‘yeah right what a stupid answer’.

Hear me out first, the light I am referring to is your subconscious mind. Do you know that our mind is governed by this powerful force that is residing inside of us? It is the operating system that runs our life, just like a computer. Everything you have seen and heard since your waking life, is stored and kept in the reserves of your mind, waiting to be retrieved and exploited for your success.

Our subconscious runs our daily life, taking care of the nitty gritty so we do not have to consciously think about it. Functions like breathing, blood circulation, eye blinking and other functions are done with perfect efficiency. Can you imagine the powers you will have if you can learn to control your subconscious mind?

The main basis is that we must learn to shut out distractions and mind chatter to be able to access the power of our subconscious. There are various methods of training our subconscious, including special breathing methods and meditation techniques among others. On my website, I will discuss more about these techniques in greater detail.

James Tan has dedicated his life to exploring the human mind’s potential in stress management areas after suffering a fatal auto accident, which has been the turning point of his life.

His website contains various tips and advices, including a newsletter ‘Taming the Monkey mind’ and a free 28 part ecourse of stress managing tips.

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