Posted on Jul 8th, 2006

Do you ever get stressed by the sheer amount of work and tasks to be done from day to day? Do you feel that 24 hours in a day is simply too short a time to get things done?

You are not alone! As our society progresses and the pace of life quickens, time is the most precious and scarce commodity. Whether it is things from work or personal stuffs that needs to be done, all you need is to know how to prioritize and organize yourself to get things done right. You would be surprised that a few simple tips will provide you with the tools necessary to accomplish more in less time and of course reduce your stress level at the same time!

In the first part of this series, we will take a look at the overall mindset you must adopt.

1) There is only a limited amount of time, it does not matter who you are, the same amount of time is given to each person. You cannot hope to do all things at all times. The key is to learn to prioritize your tasks. Invest a little time each day to list down all your tasks, big to small. Then list them in order of importance. You will find this initial planning could do wonders in helping you focus on the important things first. This way, you make full use of the time you have.

2) Stay focused on your tasks and do not be distracted by other stuff that may pop up along the way. The key is to stay focused in a relaxed manner. When I say focus, I do not mean that you have to carry on your task with a permanent frown on your expression. Learn to clear your mind of other distracting thoughts, and if you find yourself straining to maintain that focus, take a deep breath before carrying on.

3) When you set out to do a task, you must remember that getting things to move and eventually completing the task is your priority. You must not adopt the mindset that everything must be perfect before you move on. Distractions like these will tempt you to slow down or even stop halfway to try and make it a little more perfect. Just do it and get the task completed first, and when you have extra time, you can revisit and try to tweak it to as much closer to perfection as time permits.

4) Designate a special area for your productive work. For those working in the office, that will be your desk area. This is even more important for those working from home, as there are more distractions than those in the office. Set a special area in your house for productive work, the most likely place would be your study room, or if you do not have one, the kitchen top will be just as fine if you wish to make it your choice location.

In the coming issues, I will be discussing other critical areas that you can consider to adopt into your life for more productivity and less stress.

James Tan has dedicated his life to exploring the human mind’s potential in stress management areas after suffering a fatal auto accident, which has been the turning point of his life.

His website contains various tips and advices, including a newsletter ‘Taming the Monkey mind’ and a free 28 part ecourse of stress managing tips.

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