Posted on Jul 12th, 2006

You can gain time and energy in your life. This can be done by spending a few minutes each day making your life simpler. “Downsizing” your life a little at a time will lower stress and bring you a sense of satisfaction.

You may be wondering what do I mean by “Downsizing”? There are times in life when you need to get rid of things. Things that clutter your life. Things that no longer have value to you and your family.

We all have a tendency to collect more than we really need. Some of us are collectors to the extent that we have a totally cluttered life. Others have a neat life, but still have more than they need stored away in the depths of their closets.

Once a year we need to go through our closets, garages, dresser drawers and boxes stashed in the attic and find out what we can get rid of.

There is a saying, "Get rid of what you do not want to make room for what you do want". If you were to follow this advice, you would find your life less cluttered than it ever has been, or at least less cluttered than it has been in a long time.

Collecting too many things begin to weigh our lives down with so much stuff that we cannot get out from under it. If you have to make isles in your garage or storage shed to get to things or worse yet, you have to make isles inside your home to get to things, you need to make a decision to start sorting through your belongings and get rid of things you KNOW you will never use again.

Do you save clothes in hope of returning to the size you were when you stored them? This clothing can add up to boxes and boxes of things that will be out of style by the time you actually can wear them again.

You local charities can use donations of clothing. They can use good clothes to sell in their thrift shop and to help clothe the needy. They can even use holey and moth eaten clothing which they bale and send off as rags.

Maybe you have boxes or cabinets with mismatched dishes. How about old silverware and utensils you no longer use. Put them all in the donation box.

Have you been saving books and magazines that you plan to read or re-read some time in the future. If you have not read them in the last three years, do you really think you will read then in the next three? It is unlikely. I know you are saving many of them as references. With the Internet, you have all the reference material you will ever need right at your fingertips. Get rid of books and magazines. Put them in the donation box.

If you really cannot stand to give things away because it all has value, have a garage sale. Make it a challenge to have tons of stuff at your sale. When it is over, take whatever does not sell and donate it to a charity. Promise yourself you will get rid of the leftovers.

To sum up clutter, it robs valuable time from your life. It takes away some of your life energy and makes you wonder how you will ever organize it all. Do not organize it all; get rid of a lot of it.

You can often save money by spending $3 at the store rather than spending three hours looking for something you know you have, but cannot find. You end up buying the lost item anyway.

Get rid of what you do not want to make room for what you do want! Your stress will decrease automatically.

Abbas Abedi CHt

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