Posted on Jul 17th, 2006

Do you think you know where stress comes from? I’ll bet you’ll be surprised about what I am about to say!

Before I reveal the secret I need to go over a little known law of physics. It’s called Newton’s Second Law of Motion. This is science applied to human nature. Bear with me on this. Don’t get lost because I start talking about science. This is easy to understand.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion states: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. While you are sitting on your chair right now you are exerting a force on the chair called weight. Because the chair doesn’t move downwards it must be resisting with the same about of force as your weight.

This is Newton’s Second Law of Motion applied in the real world.

So in order for a force to exist, as per the law, it can only do so because there is an opposing force. Remember for every action (or force) there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Now, can you put force on the air with your hand? No, you can’t. That’s because it won’t push back.

In other words you can’t have pressure unless you have resistance. Do you follow me so far? If not, reread these last three paragraphs so you do.

So in order for you to feel stress, or in other words, pressure, it follows, as per Newton’s Second Law, there is only one reason why you feel pressure and this is

Because You Are Resisting!

You can’t have pressure without resistance, it’s impossible! So if you feel pressure you must be resisting something. You can’t put pressure on air, it won’t stay still.

You can’t use your hard to put pressure on water in a bucket either. Because it won’t stay still.

When we resist change in life, we stagnate. We choose not to change. When we stagnate, we stop the flow of life. When we stop flowing, we become a rigid. When a force, or a change of circumstance in life comes our way, we resist the change necessary to take it in our stride, to flow with the force and take it on the chin you could say. As a result we feel stress.

The more we resist change, the more pressure we feel. When we feel this force or energy, something has to give. If the force persists and we keep resisting, the pressure will build on us.

When pressure builds up on people they let off a form steam like water does under heat energy.

How do people let off steam?

In the form of emotion, which is energy-in-motion. The steam we let off comes in a variety of styles, anger, anxiety, worry, tears, depression even laughter for some people.

What steam do you let off?

Want to know how to deal with stress? Stop resisting change. Let you life flow. All of life by definition means change. Dead trees don’t change much, live ones do. Plants grow and change because they are alive. To not want to change yourself as a person and grow is to embrace stagnation, and that eventually leads to death.

The more you embrace change the more you embrace life.

You become a creator of new events in your life.

Do you realize in the last 10 years of your life in old age you change very little, if at all? People start to embrace stagnation as they get older. The brain is a muscle. If we don’t exercise it, it deteriorates. Doing what we have always done in life isn’t exercising our brain.

Stop seeing problems as reason for stress. See problems as a new an opportunity for experience, a representation of life itself. There are no mistakes in life, just learning experiences. If we don’t learn from them we’re likely to recreate them to get the lesson next time.

A wise man sees all events in life as experiences, without judgement. Stress is created from within. No one makes you stressed, you do it to yourself by your own response to a person or circumstance.

Choose to be stagnant and not roll with the punches and you’ll DO stress. Yes stress is a doing word, it’s something you have a choice to do.

If you choose to interpret a situation as stressful, would every single person on the planet agree with you? That’s a good question to remember next time you think about doing stress.

I’ll leave you with these words from Neale Donald Walsh, What you resist persists. What you look at disappears.

So see experiences and life for what it truly is. A reason to flow and discover the real you, the creator of a new you so you can be the best you, you can be!

There can be no stress without resistance. Always remember Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion next time you feel the urge to DO and feel stress!

Tim Stokes is a student of human nature. He helps people to become super achievers in life through their own business success. His own life story is an amazing journey in itself. Conquering fears of public speaking, heights, eletric shocks, spider and many others.

To find out more about Tim Stokes visit his website at or look for his other articles on human behavior and business success. under expet authors.

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