Posted on Jul 20th, 2006

“Let Go Of Your Stress By Feeding Your Mind The Right Ingredients Such As A Self-Proven Formula Containing A Secret Spice Which Reveals It’s Removable Stress Flavor.”

Giving Up & Giving It Up + Negative V.S. Positive Energy = Removing Your Stress.

I call it the “GGNPR Formula.”

Have you ever checked the exact degree of temperature which rises throughout your mind of emotions?

Or is it possible that your chemistry is producing the wrong chemicals causing undo stress?

I can’t stand when I feel like a situation is taking control and my emotions begin entertaining themselves with outer thoughts. It can be very frustrating when matter over mind seems too great. Just like anything else, there’s a way…

In these types of situations, I recommend to check the PH level within you the same way you would test the water’s PH level in a fish tank. Your level of nutrients should be level symmetrically with the finding of a medium which takes place inside your congruent or incongruent mind. Only you can determine the type of which you are.

When one is congruent he or she is able to make rational decisions based certain behavior as to incongruent minds have irregular or poor decision making due to a mental block which may seem to be uncontrollable at times. This is a known stress maker.

The intake of beneficial information is always the best commodity item to invest in. The value of content is so precious that it enables our mind flow to instinctively be able to decide and differentiate one substance of information to another. Thus, allowing us to overcome the objectives. This then leads into becoming a solution provider.

Just like the roots of a tree, which are grown the same way us humans live throughout our lives. They get watered, sunshine and experience the same seasons we do. The act of complacency is a curse planted on the soil of the anxious one.

For the enemy within is the beast from without. The stirring deception lurks in between the brain cells of the disguiser. The disguiser is you. You create your own stress. The same way you give yourself stress is the same way and capability you have to remove it.

The thoughts of the inner man sometimes get caught up and tangled inside the webs we tend to weave. No matter how impatient you get, aggression can be the key to which breaks off inside the master lock, leaving you an un-open opportunity.

So, being aggressive or anxious or even retaliating with such intense emotion will not be the answer to solving your situations. For you to be a victor, you must use your harpoon like features so that reality can demonstrate its benefits through the underground world of spirituality. By tapping into an unknown realm, unknown things are bound to happen.

As a result of this depth, robotic like movements out from under the stress shell are just city blocks away. The importance here is to redirect your negative energy into a more positive outlook, yet in an enlightening direction. Your stress level will diminish within just a few hours. Just don’t hold onto the negative thoughts.

Replace them with something you like doing or think back to when you were a child, things you liked to do when you were young. These things will ultimately change your outlook for the moment which events into a more content mindset.

Not only to others, but yourself to. The mental mindsets we humans portray are considered to be superpowers of the unaware. It’s a matter of knowing how much and when to use these superpowers to overcome the evil which subconsciously subsides within our own minds. A battle is won first in the mind then physically drawn to reveal its truth.

An ingredient to removing your stress is the same way the headline equation is phrased;

Giving up & Giving it up is a multiple choice of either one or the other. You have to decide which statement you would like to follow. Giving up will wipe the success opportunities right from under your feet.

On the other hand, to give it up is to make a sacrifice by letting something go whether it’s mental or physical. Sometimes you need to get rid of that very thing which is clinging onto you and keeping you from breathing above water. This ultimate sacrifice will give you what you’ve been chasing after.

The removal of stress is only controlled and manhandled when he or she is willing and determined to get up and rip the stress roots right out the ground and throw any negative situation into the chemical pot of weed killer. We create our own garden of weeds when we don’t kill them when they first sprout. The wrong sunshine can grow the wrong plants. Don’t forget that.

Summary Equation:

Giving Up = Negative energy (make this energy temporary)
Giving it Up = Positive energy (make this energy permanent)
End Result = Removing Your Stress

Take a moment and on a blank piece of paper write out the things which tend to give you stress. Then, remove each thing one by one. Certain things may not be removable such as family or self inflictions.

This is where your mental discipline comes into action. I would advise you continue your studies on removing stress and learning how to convert problems into situations turning them into obstacles which lead into solutions.

Joseph Mercado is known as the Motivational Marketer who seeks a solution to any situation. For further studies go visit =>

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