Posted on Jul 27th, 2006

If you feel like every time you turn around the universe trips you up or smacks you down, you may be right. The universe might be trying to tell you something important, like, “Hey, you! You’re going the wrong way!”

Warning Signs Your Universe is About to Explode

Here are some sure signs that something is wrong: repeated vague illnesses, feeling lost all the time, constant headaches, crying jags, severe depression, painful loneliness—even when you are with friends, constant or repeated nightmares, when you really have been rejected by your friends and family, the feeling that “this just isn’t working.”

What’s THE Solution?

Other than an intention to back off, to start taking care of yourself, to give yourself space and time to breath and heal and grow, there isn’t one solution to all your problems. I was ill for a long time and went from doctor to doctor to doctor. Most of them were worse than useless but eventually we sorted out a combination of muscular dystrophy, migraine, food allergies and a bad gallbladder—four problems! I didn’t really feel better till ALL those problems were addressed. If you have headaches, they might be migraines from chocolate or cluster headaches from TMJ. Crying jags and depression might be from suppressed memories, low vitamin B6, a job you hate or from taking the wrong medicines. Nightmares might be a warning from the Gods, or a sign you aren’t getting enough air when you sleep. You’ll need to workout the details one at a time as you go.

To Feel Better, Plant Acorns of Kindness

Give yourself the gift of time and compassion, then try being kind to those around you. Little acts of kindness and compassion help change your mindset, and will one day allow you to accept the help you need. These seeds or acorns are so valuable, you might want to make a note every time you catch yourself planting one. That may not sound like much of a solution when you keep getting smacked upside the head by one of life’s 2×4s, so, don’t forget to duck! But don’t make things harder on yourself than they need to be. Small acorns have a surprising way of growing into majestic and protective oak trees.

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