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Posted on Jul 11th, 2006

Did you know that massage has been used as a therapy to ease human aches and pains and create relaxation for thousands of years. The instinct to rub and stroke muscles that are tense and tired has been refined and studied so that massage therapy performed by a professionally trained practitioner can promote health and well being, relieve stress and help heal injured areas of your body.


Have you thought about seeking massage therapy for healing or relaxation? There are many techniques of massage therapy to choose from. Some therapies, such as those used for athletes, are focused on healing injured tissue by increasing circulation and preventing injury that can be caused by tense muscles.

Other therapies combine massage with soft music, dim lighting and soothing aromatherapy oils to relieve stress and enhance feelings of well being.

Massage therapy can also provide relief from many common ailments from morning sickness to migraines.


Massage helps with the circulation of blood and the release of toxins. Massage increases the circulation of oxygen through the body, helping to heal muscles and reduce tension. The increased circulation can also increase lymphatic drainage helping to rid the body of excess fluids and waste.

The physical manipulation of muscles can break down any scar material, thickening or inflammation of the tissues which can increase mobility and reduce stiffness. The additional mobility and toning can help prevent injury, especially for athletes who use massage therapy as part of their regular training.

Proper techniques of massage therapy can also help relieve constipation and gas and encourage proper digestion.

Relaxation of the physical body can also reduce the effects of stress physiologically. After a session of massage therapy you may feel relaxed, refreshed and feel greater self-esteem.


The type of therapy you choose will be based on your personal preference or the purpose of the therapy. One of the most common forms of massage is based on Swedish massage which involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body with the masseuse’s’s hands. Swedish massage is often used for general relaxation and increasing mobility of the joints but can also be adapted to target specific problems.

The other common form of massage has Eastern origins. These techniques are performed by putting pressure on specific areas of the body with fingers or other blunt objects (acupressure) or needles (acupuncture). These techniques are used to relieve ailments such as: headaches, nausea, depression, pain, digestive disorders as well as stress and other ailments.

There are many variations on these techniques and what appeals to one person may be very different for someone else. Feeling comfortable with the technique as well as the practitioner is important in experiencing the full benefits of the massage. Whatever method you choose you are wise to take time to find the right person for you; determine if the practitioner is trained, qualified, insured and has recommendations before starting treatment and feel comfortable with the setting you will be receiving your massage in.

Abbas Abedi CHt

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Posted on Jul 11th, 2006

Meditation, relaxation and visualisation are the standard recommendations for reducing stress, and they are all beneficial and useful to us in many ways, however, they are not so easy to put into use when stress strikes with it’s disruptive companions frustration, overwhelm, confusion, anxiety etc in full attendance.

Here’s something simple you can try to diffuse stress quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

1. rub your forehead with both hands in vertical lines from your eyebrows to your hairline for a few moments

2. about an inch above each eyebrow you will find a bump – rest your fingertips there lightly and hold

3. take a deep breathe in and lighten the pressure of your fingertips until they are touching those points very softly

4. breathe deeply again and allow yourself to sink into how you are really feeling right now – focus clearly and specifically on the one thing that is mainly causing you stress, or anxiety

5. allow yourself to think the truth of the matter, hold the points and breathe and remain that way for a couple of minutes

6. concentrate on the area you are holding and feel for pulsations under your fingertips as the blood flow, previously diverted by stress, is restored to your forebrain. Now you can begin to think clearly again as you feel stress drain away and find yourself in control and able to choose how you wish to respond to what’s at hand.

What many of us don’t realise about stress is that although it is often triggered by our mental states and emotional responses it is in fact a physiological occurrence. The body responds directly to every impression we feed it be it real or imagined; it makes no difference to the body. If you tell it you are stressed it will respond immediately by sending the majority of the blood from your forebrain to your chest for faster breathing and the more efficient pumping of blood through your heart and to the muscles of your legs for whatever action they may need to take.

When you consider this automatic physical response it’s easy to see why we don’t always think well under stress. This simple technique tells your body to stand down and encourages the blood flow to return to the brain for clear thinking and decision-making.

Try this for:

- diffusing stress on the spot and stopping it from accumulating

- easing worries

- regaining control of your resources and having access to your full capacity for dealing with any given situation.

- preventing the digestive disorders associated with stress developing. (Use this before eating to make sure that your digestive system is ready and willing to receive the goodness from your food in a calm and efficient manner.)

- relaxing and clearing your mind before sleep

- inducing a feeling of calm from which you can then step deeper into a meditative or relaxed state

Ananga Sivyer is a contributing editor and health consultant for LifeScape magazine and the author of the self-help workbook: The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom

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Posted on Jul 10th, 2006

In order for us to change the things that we are unhappy with in our lives we have to change the way that we think. If we never change the way that we think we will continue to get the same results in our lives. In order for us to see changes in our lives we have to face our worst enemy and that is FEAR (really ourselves)

About 90% of people live their lives in fear and never become the person that they dream of becoming. This simply happens because they just fail to take action. They FEAR what they don’t understand. We have to look at FEAR as nothing more then a word or as a learning process. Did you ever know what FEAR was when you were a young child? Probably not, at least until someone that you trusted or looked up to told you what it was. Mankind has simply connected a word to a feeling, giving it life and in turn making people fear it. Mark Twain said it best with this quote, "Do the things that you FEAR most and the DEATH to FEAR is certain." You owe it to yourself to understand this principle.

To conquer fear start by accomplishing the things that you fear the most. After doing so, you will look back and think how foolish it was to be afraid in the first place.

Learn to leave your comfort zone. When we leave our comfort zone we become a more rounded individual. When we do the things that we fear and look back at them afterwards, we see that what we feared has now turned into part of our comfort zone. This simply happens because we do not fear these things after accomplishing them in the past. The next time similar situations arise we will no longer stress over it, we will just do it.

We must set our minds on always conquering the unknown. Always "think outside the box". Look fear in the eyes and just do the task. Chances are that you will succeed and soon come to find out that FEAR is nothing more then a word. Every successful businessperson has undoubtedly faced fear many times, yet they have succeeded in their business. So can you!

Think back to when you were a child. Most of us have limitations put on our lives very early. We are taught how to think, what schools to attend, how to make a living, and finally, even how to plan our retirement. Most of us end up fearing anything that is different than what we are taught.

Once we understand and can change some of the beliefs that have been programmed into us by society, we can more fully take control of our lives and our destiny through the power of positive thought.

You to can become successful in any aspect of your life that you choose. You just have to get past one thing, YOURSELF!

When you do this you will start to become the person that you have always dreamed about. Today is the day you are going to take what is rightfully yours. It’s called LIFE! We are here to enjoy every aspect of life, not just to be a part of it.

Believe in yourself and start by reducing your stress, and with it your fear.

Abbas Abedi CHt If you are interested in natural techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in your life today, then sign up for my free eCourse titled, "4 Days to Break Free from a Stressful Lifestyle" at http://www.instantstressmanagement.comInstant Stress Management

Posted on Jul 10th, 2006

Imagine driving down the road. You are driving with a great amount of anticipation, on your way to an important destination, a place you have always wanted to go.

Now notice that on either side of the road there is a ditch big enough to swallow your car.

Now imagine what your journey would be like if you kept your eyes only on the ditch. Perhaps you glanced at the road every few miles, but mostly your eyes are focused on he ditch. It’s likely that you would end up in the ditch and not make it to your destination.

Silly way to drive, huh? Then why do we live that way? It sure seems that is what many of us do when we start out to achieve important goals.

Ditch thinking

I call thinking this way ditch thinking. Focus on the ditch long enough, and you will wind up in the ditch, wondering how you got there.

Today let’s look at some signs and symptoms of ditch thinking, and then how to get out of the ditch and into destination thinking.

How to Do Ditch Thinking

Focusing only on everything that could go wrong. While it’s important and valuable to think ahead and anticipate what problems might lie ahead, it’s foolish to focus only on the obstacles.

Complaining about the ditch. “Look at that ditch! It just shouldn’t be there.” “It’s just too big not to notice it.” “I just can’t drive with that ditch over there.”

Instead of the old biting off more than you can chew, it’s thinking about more than you can chew. “Wow, I bet that ditch will be there the whole entire trip. I wonder if the road will get smaller and the ditch get bigger?”

Procrastinate. Put it off. CONvince yourself that you really will do it later.

Making excuses for yourself. To rationalize really means to believe rational lies.

Making problems obstacles instead of challenges. I’ve never pursued a goal that didn’t have it’s share of challenges. If you turn them into obstacles you are blocked. A challenge is simply that: a challenge to see if you really mean it when you say you want to achieve something.

Blaming others.

Here are seven words guaranteed to drive you into the ditch, “we’ve always done it that way before.”

Listening to and then believing all the naysayers who say it’s impossible, you can’t do it. Remember that at one time it was considered impossible to fly, communicate by phone, fax or email, etc. etc. In each case, and in so many more, someone chose to not believe in the impossibility.

How to Do Destination Thinking

Begin. Simply begin.

Celebrate your progress. It builds momentum.

Break the journey down into small enough parts to make it manageable.

Focus on where you want to go.

Be creative. Creativity is simply the ability to look at something that has always been there and seeing something that has never been seen before.

Remind yourself regularly, even daily, about why you are pursuing this destination. An important enough why makes the how a whole lot easier.

Enjoying the trip. Even if it’s only the satisfaction of hard work, finding ways to enjoy the trip keeps you going.

Focus on what you will be able to do, that you can’t do now, when you achieve the goal.

Asking the question, “In how many ways can I accomplish want I want and enjoy the trip?”

Follow ditch thinking and you end up in the ditch. Follow destination thinking and you are much more likely to arrive at your destination.

It really can be that simple.

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Posted on Jul 9th, 2006

First of all don’t jump to conclusions… I don’t have ADD, I just like to do many things. I always have. I believe boredom is a choice, actually I don’t just believe it, I know it. The world is full of endless possibilities, in fact maybe too many. That, in the past had been a problem of mine. Too many things I wanted to try, and not enough time to try them. Now I have managed, with the help of hired hands, to bring life into balance, get more done, and drum roll please…even make more money.

Just a few decades ago, the idea of having personal assistants was only for the very wealthy, these days you would be a fool not to find a good one. One idea can change your whole life, but as Emerson said, “There are voices which we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter into the world.” Most people are making themselves too busy, so they cannot hear the ideas being whispered to them.

Allowing others to do things for you helps everyone. There are intelligent people all over the world, waiting to help you at prices that make it foolish not to hire them. If you contact me, I can give you the names of a few that have done wonders for me. Freeing myself of work that others can perform as well or better than I, permits me to have time in meditation. Don’t think for a second that meditation only belongs in the realm of Eastern religion. My introduction came because of hearing numerous times the same idea being presented by top business executives. I may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but I have learned that when I hear the same subject popping up repeatedly, I check it out.

Many people complain that meditation is difficult, because they cannot still their mind, for me the problem was I felt I just didn’t have time to do nothing. Oh, was I wrong there. Meditation has proven not to be a time waster, but a time saver. A book could be written on the positive effects of meditation, actually according to Amazon, 9019 have been written, so I will just add one benefit. Meditation allows your mind to be receptive of ideas, ideas which you can hire others from all over the world to help implement very economically, which allows you more free time to relax, be with family, enjoy life and come up with more ideas. Nice little circle, isn’t it. For more information on how to implement such thinking see the bio box below.

Keith MacLean has gone from financial failure to financial freedom and can teach you to do the same. Contact him via

Posted on Jul 9th, 2006

When was the last time you took a day just for yourself? If you’re a small business owner or anyone else for that matter, you answer is probably never. I first learned the principal; of Extraordinary Self-care Day at a workshop given by my friend Terri Levine the author of Work Yourself Happy. Essentially an Extraordinary Self-care Day is taking one 24-hour period where you take care of yourself. You do no work at all. I know, I can hear your protest. I protested too when I first heard this idea "But you don’t understand, I have to check my voicemail, I have to return phone calls, I have to answer my emails and on and on." I protested in my very best entrepreneurial voice. The truth is any of us can take a day for ourselves without consequence. Believe it or not, the world will keep spinning. Calls will wait as will email.

This is a day just for you. If you normally do the cooking on your Extraordinary Self-Care Day, you will refrain from making meals. Trust me your family will not starve. Obviously if there are small children or infants that depend on you, you would have to modify this. Overall try to do nothing that is related to your normal work. This is a pampering day just for you.

The first time I did this, I discovered just how my work relates to things that I do on any given day. Most of my reading was centered on business topics. Being an entrepreneur and self-employed, I was convinced I had to be working all the time. I was wrong. Kicking and screaming, I embarked on my Extraordinary Self-Care Day. I took a walk, read part of a novel, took a luxurious bath in our soaking tub (something I never used to do) and just hung out and took care of myself. What a concept!

It’s been a year now and my Extraordinary Self-Care Day has become an integral part of my life. I not only feel better, and am having more fun, I have my life back. Doing this regularly has enabled me to put my work back into perspective. I no longer work seven days a week and I no longer do email throughout the day.

The interesting thing is that because of my taking this time to nurture myself, I’m actually more productive. Because I’m taking better care of myself I have more clarity and I’m able to better focus on the task on hand. Because I am taking better care of myself, I am more creative and productive. Most of all, because I am taking better care of myself, I feel better and have more happiness, after all isn’t that what it’s all about?

So your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to schedule one 24-hour period, sometime within the next 10 days, when you can give yourself an Extraordinary Self-Care Day and then go and do it. Once you’ve done this, see how you might be able to do this weekly and when you feel really ready, schedule an Extraordinary Self-Care Day for what would have been a normal work day.

© 2004 Jim Donovan — PO Box 1147, Buckingham, PA 18912 — (215) 794-3826

Jim Donovan is the author of "Handbook to a Happier Life, a motivational speaker and coach. For a no cost bonus product & more, visit

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Posted on Jul 8th, 2006

Do you ever get stressed by the sheer amount of work and tasks to be done from day to day? Do you feel that 24 hours in a day is simply too short a time to get things done?

You are not alone! As our society progresses and the pace of life quickens, time is the most precious and scarce commodity. Whether it is things from work or personal stuffs that needs to be done, all you need is to know how to prioritize and organize yourself to get things done right. You would be surprised that a few simple tips will provide you with the tools necessary to accomplish more in less time and of course reduce your stress level at the same time!

In the first part of this series, we will take a look at the overall mindset you must adopt.

1) There is only a limited amount of time, it does not matter who you are, the same amount of time is given to each person. You cannot hope to do all things at all times. The key is to learn to prioritize your tasks. Invest a little time each day to list down all your tasks, big to small. Then list them in order of importance. You will find this initial planning could do wonders in helping you focus on the important things first. This way, you make full use of the time you have.

2) Stay focused on your tasks and do not be distracted by other stuff that may pop up along the way. The key is to stay focused in a relaxed manner. When I say focus, I do not mean that you have to carry on your task with a permanent frown on your expression. Learn to clear your mind of other distracting thoughts, and if you find yourself straining to maintain that focus, take a deep breath before carrying on.

3) When you set out to do a task, you must remember that getting things to move and eventually completing the task is your priority. You must not adopt the mindset that everything must be perfect before you move on. Distractions like these will tempt you to slow down or even stop halfway to try and make it a little more perfect. Just do it and get the task completed first, and when you have extra time, you can revisit and try to tweak it to as much closer to perfection as time permits.

4) Designate a special area for your productive work. For those working in the office, that will be your desk area. This is even more important for those working from home, as there are more distractions than those in the office. Set a special area in your house for productive work, the most likely place would be your study room, or if you do not have one, the kitchen top will be just as fine if you wish to make it your choice location.

In the coming issues, I will be discussing other critical areas that you can consider to adopt into your life for more productivity and less stress.

James Tan has dedicated his life to exploring the human mind’s potential in stress management areas after suffering a fatal auto accident, which has been the turning point of his life.

His website contains various tips and advices, including a newsletter ‘Taming the Monkey mind’ and a free 28 part ecourse of stress managing tips.

Posted on Jul 8th, 2006

Do you feel that you just don’t have the time to properly de-stress each day? The good news is you can incorporate simple stress busting routines into all that you do!

Stretch those muscles!

Lean your right ear down to your right shoulder and stretch the left side of your neck as you do. Now, switch sides and do the other side. Now, look down and drop your chin towards your chest. Now slowly, let your head roll to the right and then to the left. Repeat slowly until you feel yourself loosen up.

You can do this same exercise for your shoulders, too. Try a few shoulder circles, as well. This is simple to do and when you take the time to do these several times a day, your range of motion will increase and you’ll feel considerably more relaxed.

Enjoy a relaxing massage

Treat yourself to a professional therapist massage and be sure to ask for a calming essential oil such as lavender or chamomile. Buy yourself some of the same oil to take home, and when you’re having a stressful moment, put a few drops of oil onto your tissue or pillowcase and then just breathe into it deeply. You can also use some of the oil to be infused into the air with a diffuser. Just smelling the oil will relax you even if you don’t get to have a massage!

Wear a Smile

Always begin your day with a broad smile on your face. Purpose in your heart to be lighthearted on this day and every time you see someone pass them a big, sincere smile. You will be surprised how easily this action will affect your mood.

Share in a good joke or two and try to make someone else laugh. Feeling lighthearted is a good thing! Just ask Martha Stewart!

That Small Inner Voice — Talk to yourself

Gently close your eyes and repeat positive affirmations. Tell yourself over and over what you want to believe to be true, such as: ‘I am calm’ or ‘I am confident and sure…’ Keep in mind that what you believe to be true will be felt by your body!

In Support of Good Posture

Take in a few, good deep breaths as you sit up very tall. Put your feet flat on the floor. At the same time angle your thighs slightly toward the floor, arch in your lower back slightly, gently push your sternum (chest bone) back and then relax your shoulders.

Take in another good deep breath and hold your position for a minute or two. Don’t allow your posture to slouch at all during this time - hold your position upright and support your good posture.

As your good posture continues to align, you will relieve all muscle tension. Do this exercise twice daily and you will find yourself naturally supporting your good posture each day.

Have Some Fresh Air and Take a Brisk Walk

If you must be indoors most of your day, taking a break to breathe in pure air and to exercise your limbs will be an instant refresher. Doing this will give you back good concentration and you will feel more limber.

Spend only 20 to 30 minutes each day taking in fresh air and walking and you will improve both physically and mentally. If you have a dog, take them along with you. They need to be refreshed just as you do.

Take up a Relaxing Hobby

Spend an afternoon at your local craft store and select a new hobby. A good hobby that really interests you will breathe new life into your day. You will be more relaxed and enjoy having a new interest. Whether you choose painting, playing an instrument, knitting, or even kite flying, choose something that will encourage calm and serenity.

Try a Relaxing Form of Eastern Meditation such as Tai Chi

Take time to focus from within and you will cultivate a spirit of self control over the anxiety-ridden external world.

Take a good book to bed with you each night and spend 30 minutes relaxing before you turn out the light. This will be calming and as you close yours eyes each night remind yourself of your many blessings.

Give Lots of Hugs and Kisses Daily

Even on your busiest days, stop and hug and kiss someone who is special to you. Your children, especially, need to know how much they mean to you. A show of affection will go a long way.

Spend time each day with a beloved pet. Studies have shown that when we care for a pet we release anxiety and tension, naturally.

Spend quality time with your loved one. Remember those special times with your spouse before the children came along. Nurture moments with just the two of you and you will relax, naturally

Replace that Uncomfortable Office Chair with an Ab Ball

Next time you leave for your office, stop, first into a fitness store and buy an Ab Ball. This ball will allow your core muscles to have a great wake up call. Just sit on your Ab Ball and then bounce on the spot! You will feel instantly refreshed and your co-workers will want to do the same!

Just as it is time to take your lunch, first bounce on your Ab Ball to get your gastro-juices going! You will firm up your body in no time and best of all you will have fun!

Breathe in the Gift of Life

We can all go for weeks without a crumb of food, days at a time without water, but, we can only go for minutes without good, pure oxygen.

The average person breathes very shallowly and this makes it almost impossible to be relaxed.

Sit yourself down, purposefully, and take in a slow deep breath in through your nose until you have properly filled up your lungs.

Hold in the air in for a moment and then very slowly exhale through your lips. Breathe deeply in this way for 4 - 5 times, a few times a day.

You will feel instantly refreshed!

Listen to the Gift of Music

As much as possible, always set your mood with background mood music. Some like traditional blues, some like jazz. Try the newer nature sounds, so you can be working to background sounds of tin pans, flutes and ocean waves crashing on the beach. Whatever you choose, make sure it relaxes and does not energize you. There is a time to be energized and a time to relax. For relaxation, select the mood music over the rock and roll or the hip hop.

Whozylee Aris is the author of various health related articles. Find more free tips on how to relax and leave stress behind at his how to relieve stress website. Visit

Posted on Jul 7th, 2006

Let me guess….I’m quite sure you belong to the majority whom has already abandoned that project you had set for yourself, and you might feel the stress and frustration for not getting the results. Let me tell you - it is not your fault.

That goal or resolution you had set is probably the same one every year, be it to make more money, keeping yourself fit or getting up early everyday. The result will still be the same dismay one as you fall into your same old ways. Don’t you wish you had a way to change yourself permanently so that your goals can be met?

You have within you the key to your problems, but that key is hidden in a dark room and you cannot locate it.

Now how do you find that key? Put a light to it.

You are probably thinking, ‘yeah right what a stupid answer’.

Hear me out first, the light I am referring to is your subconscious mind. Do you know that our mind is governed by this powerful force that is residing inside of us? It is the operating system that runs our life, just like a computer. Everything you have seen and heard since your waking life, is stored and kept in the reserves of your mind, waiting to be retrieved and exploited for your success.

Our subconscious runs our daily life, taking care of the nitty gritty so we do not have to consciously think about it. Functions like breathing, blood circulation, eye blinking and other functions are done with perfect efficiency. Can you imagine the powers you will have if you can learn to control your subconscious mind?

The main basis is that we must learn to shut out distractions and mind chatter to be able to access the power of our subconscious. There are various methods of training our subconscious, including special breathing methods and meditation techniques among others. On my website, I will discuss more about these techniques in greater detail.

James Tan has dedicated his life to exploring the human mind’s potential in stress management areas after suffering a fatal auto accident, which has been the turning point of his life.

His website contains various tips and advices, including a newsletter ‘Taming the Monkey mind’ and a free 28 part ecourse of stress managing tips.

Posted on Jul 7th, 2006

Living in our world today can be very stressful. While some of the stress that we experience is actually useful for motivating us, a point can be reached where it becomes very harmful, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Knowing how to manage and even reduce the harmful effects of stress on a daily basis, of staying balanced and centered as we encounter the many stressors of everyday living, is crucial to our well being. Among other things, taking care of ourselves will necessarily involve us nurturing our physical body, of eating healthy foods, of exercising. Learning how to take care of ourselves in this respect is also very important for everyone as our experience of stress can and does affect others as well.

Learning how to take care of ourselves also involves making appropriate distinctions about ourselves, others and life in general. One distinction that is crucial for our well being is realizing how and from where much of our stress is primarily generated. While some of the stressors that we face are apart of what it is to be a human being, much of the stress that we experience is of our own creation. A great deal of the stress that we experience has its origin in our own personal story and the meaning we make about life, in the thoughts that we think. Once we understand that we are truly the cause in the matter, that we are responsible for the thoughts that we create or invent and that it is from these thoughts that much of our stress is generated, then and only then will we begin to be able to truly manage our stress and have the power to live the life that we want and love. Blaming others or situations for that which we experience will only limit our power, lead to frustration and eventually a great deal of stress.

Becoming present to the fact that we have a tendency to constantly evaluate, judge and even blame others, and especially ourselves, is very important. How we conceive of others and ourselves in this respect will make a huge difference in our experience of life. For example, for some much of their life is spent attempting to make others and themselves wrong, wrong for what they think and do, wrong for what we think and do. Once we make another wrong, especially ourselves, anger, anxiety, guilt, frustration and even sadness will eventually follow and with it a great deal of stress. A simple truth is that as human beings we are all doing the best that we can at any given moment. If we or others knew differently we would behave differently.

Another simple truth is that we are perfect, whole and complete just as we are. It is our story about ourselves that does not allow us to truly experience our own completeness. Making mistakes in life does not make us wrong or flawed in some way but only presents us with feedback and valuable opportunities for growth. Becoming present to how we make ourselves wrong, of how we put ourselves down, allows us an opening to realize that we are not what we do or think. Our true self is something much different. Becoming present to our attempts to make others and ourselves wrong in some manner will also create a cleaning for us to begin to think, feel and behave differently. Once we fully realize that we are perfect, whole and complete just as are, we will bring forth into our lives experiences that will truly empower us and others. It will be at this point that we will begin to authentically take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves in this respect will also involve taking care of our true self, of unconditionally loving ourselves completely. It is only when we truly love and accept ourselves, as we are, in the present moment that we will be able to do so with others. We always think, feel and behave towards others as we think, feel and act towards ourselves.

One manner in which we can practice being who we truly are is beginning to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that exist within us including and especially those that are self-limiting. Meditation and other holistic, self-enhancement techniques of this nature allow us this ability and opportunity to watch, monitor and become present to our inner world, to the very thoughts that generate our life and experiences. Such a process will eventually allow us to truly understand that we are not our thoughts and beliefs, that we are something different from, that we are much more. Our thoughts are merely apart of the machinery of being human.

Once present to the thoughts and beliefs that quickly, if not instantly, move through our mind also allows us the opportunity to reframe from impulsively acting upon them and as a result to become free from their constraints and potential harm to us and others. Such a meditative process, especially as it applies to the thoughts and beliefs that we have about ourselves, is the key to truly taking care of yourself. Such awareness will eventually allow us to truly experience the fact that we are good enough, just as we are, one that deserves to have a wonderful and powerful life, that we truly are perfect, whole and complete. Once we fully understand this for ourselves it will allow us to get it about others, for those that we work with and for those in our lives that we love. The end result of such a meditative process is that much of the stress that we experience, especially that which we create, will simply not exist, allowing us to create or invent the life that we truly want and love and to live it powerfully.

Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., L.M.H.C.

Dr. Harry Henshaw earned his doctoral degree in Human Development and Counseling from Boston University and has designed and implemented mental health and substance abuse programs in outpatient, residential and hospital settings in Illinois, Massachusetts and Florida.

Dr. Henshaw is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida, a certified Clinical Supervisor and a member of the American Counseling Association & American Psychological Association. Trained in neuro-linguistic programming, Dr. Henshaw is also certified to practice and teach hypnosis in the State of Florida.

Dr. Henshaw is also in private practice in Hallandale Beach, Florida and utilizes the technology of Transformational Counseling. In addition to his work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Supervisor, Dr. Henshaw has developed a series of audio health care products for use by professional providers and the public.

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