Posted on Aug 10th, 2006

Stress is something that is routine in the life of a professional or even householder. In fact it plays an active role in giving rise to acne. It is really necessary to cope with stress by learning a few ways to relax. By relaxing, you will not only relieve yourself from acne but also learn a meaningful way of living.

You can try out several methods that keep you away from stress such as taking a bath, shopping, going for a movie, visiting places etc. Do not brood over the issues relating to office or your household duties.

Join a health center nearby that provides you with spiritual training such as yoga classes. When you get this education you will acquire a moral foundation within you, where you will learn to cope up with any type of problem. The wise old techniques of relieving stress such as ‘Pranayam’ is relevant even today. It is very effective as it balances your mood swings. Meditation is a complete spiritual activity and therefore a very powerful means to calm your state of mind. Relaxation is very necessary and if you are totally relaxed and stress free, you will be free from acne as well.

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