Posted on Aug 15th, 2006

It’s a fact; the average person does not know how to manage or reduce their stress in the bedroom. The place where everyone spends an average of 33% of their life, there are two major things that can be done that will help you manage the stress in your life. These two things include Preparations for Bed and The Bed you Sleep On. Stress levels can be reduced significantly by following the basic guidelines listed below.

Preparations for bed can be translated into routine. Used as an adjective, routine is an event that occurs at fixed times or at predictable intervals. If your get a good solid sleep with an average length of R.E.M sleep at night, when you wake in the morning, you feel revived and alert for your tasks ahead of you. In order to achieve this every night, there needs to be a routine.

Bed time routines should start about 2 hours before you go to bed. The bed routine should include a wind down period where you do nothing but relax to get your mind off of all the stressed items in your day. Some options for your wind down period could include some light chores around the house, reading a book, watching a comedy on TV, or taking a bath.

After your wind down period, you should move into the other activities for getting ready for bed. These include last minute things like locking the house, getting into your bedroom attire, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and whatever else you do before bed. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep is also essential.

The bed you sleep on is a very large part of getting the stress reduction that you require to ensure a good nights rest. It does not matter if your bed is new or old, if the bed is not comfortable through the night, it should be replaced or adjusted. Causes of an uncomfortable bed may lead to back problems. It is important to consider if the bed is too hard, this could force your spine to bend in ways that is intended, leaving you with a headache or stress in the morning. A ‘pillow topper’ is an easy solution to soften it up. Of course the flip side to being too hard is being too soft, this can also be a problem because then your spine will go limp to the mattress or ‘waterbed’, therefore not providing any support.

Developing a routine which works best for you to help stress reduction may be the hardest part but once you have it, then rest assured you will wake up feeling stress relieved.

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