Posted on Sep 10th, 2006

Stress management is an absolute requirement when we get into a mode of defending various beliefs and opinions. We can get to a point where we would rather die than be proven wrong. This mindset can place us in a self-imposed box that closes us off from the wonders that Life offers. However, we can give ourselves immediate relief.

The ego is composed of beliefs, attitudes and the resulting energies. The ego believes these positions are necessary for its’ survival. The ego believes it is right and everything else is wrong.

This variation from reality produces a tremendous amount of stress. Management of this discomfort becomes necessary if we’re going to have a meaningful life. We can make amazing progress by simply letting go of the idea that we have the only right opinion.

Right or wrong depends on context. From the context of a computer programmer, it’s right to spend all day in front of a computer. From the context of a sales person, it’s right to spend all day saying good things about their product.

Stress management becomes necessary when we lose track of the above. You can experience relief when you recognize the above. Socrates said that we all believe we’re doing the right thing.

This right and wrong context extends to all life situations. In the grand scheme of things all of us are divine. In every day living we can simply observe ourselves with love and silently give ourselves approval. Then we can observe other people with love and silently give them approval.

It’s easy to read the above paragraph. However, the above is a powerful tool for living. If you focused on the above as your basic principle for living, your life experience would go through the roof.

Copyright 2006 by Jim Kitzmiller

Jim Kitzmiller conducts self improvement workshops and retreats. He is the author of a home study stress management class.

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