Posted on Sep 21st, 2006

“The only constant in life is change”. Why, then, do we tend to resist it so much…especially as we grow older? While in my 30’s (a long, long time ago), I realized that I would probably have a difficult time accepting change as I proceeded into the “Autumn of my life”. Fortunately, I was able to recognize that constancy was more comfortable than change but that change would occur whether I welcomed it or not. And so, I began to introduce some fun type, little “training exercises” that “forced” me to change for my future. Also, I began learning and practicing “relaxation response” exercises as an added feature to help ease the pain of changing..

Some examples were on my walks, I would never take the same route in two consecutive days and I would vary my walking speed purposely. I changed my morning routine…e.g. combed my hair (I had hair then) before I brushed my teeth or place my shaving routine into a different order every morning. These artificial methods of inducing change seemed to have worked for me. Not that change is easy for me to accept but easier than I believe it would’ve been had I not consciously made those attempts.

They say that the more we try to control, the more we lose control. That’s because if the controls are unnatural, they will create more problems than help. In teaching thousands of people how to relax and “let go” I would help them understand that “in order to gain control, we must first learn how to lose control”. That’s not just “double talk” because the feeling of true relaxation of our mind and body is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy!

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