Posted on Oct 3rd, 2006

Research has shown that stress can be good. However many people try to eliminate stress from their lives. That’s fine to an extent. Just don’t focus all your energy on achieving what people call a stress free life, absolutely no stress, no deadlines and especially no work.

When there is no stress in our lives, we become lifeless. We wander aimlessly. Beware, because this is worse than death - it is living death. We must always have a goal or a deadline. This is the only way to move forwards.

I use to play a lot of computer games when I was 11. I would look forward to Friday nights, because I could play all night until about 3am, sometimes longer. The next morning, after a very short sleep, I would be in an unproductive state. I would accomplish no homework, no housework, or any work. I might have had a few naps here and then but I lived a ‘half-life’ for the day. This would continue for the whole weekend, and on Monday I would feel tired and stressed out. Looking back I feel regret. Such unproductivity, even to the extent of damaging my health and vitality.

Embrace stress because stress helps us expand our comfort zone, making us achieve the seemingly impossible. Stress can make or break us. Many have let stress overcome them, and now they are drug addicts, alcoholics and mad men. Don’t let that happen. Make sure YOU overcome stress. If so, stress will become your saviour.



This is an excerpt from Kit’s blog, ‘Only One Life To Live’. To read more on how to live your life to the max, go to his blog at:

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