Posted on Oct 4th, 2006

Better concentration and stress management through breathing exercise develops communications link between mind and body. It helps aid concentration and visualization skills by focusing attention on the energy interplay involved in breathing. It may also help develop concentration, according to Eastern theory, by charging up bio-energies through increased oxygen intake and increased prana. This classic exercise, known as “polarization,” is also said to be a boon for worriers.

Maximum learning practitioners maintain it can help break up the “worry circle” and relieve anxieties by increasing nerve-energy supply. You can sense whether or not you’re getting somewhere with this concentration exercise after you’ve practiced it awhile. You will notice whether or not you feel a kind of tingling energy current running through the body with each in and out breath.

All exercises for the mind must always be done gently. Find a secluded spot where you will not be disturbed. Take a slow, even, deep breath through the nose. Visualize warm, golden yellow sun energy being drawn through the top of your head. As you slowly, and evenly, breathe out, visualize cool, blue moon energy being drawn up through your body. Try to imagine these polarized energies sweeping through the body like an electric current. You concentration ability is considered to be intensified when you feel a definite sensation of being “charged up”. With an energy current running through your body with each in and out breath.

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