Posted on Oct 11th, 2006

It may seem inevitable that operating the command center of a monthly magazine would invite stress. However, many people do not realize that stress is something you can prevent, no matter how intense your occupation or how fast-paced your daily life is. And, every ounce of prevention can help prevent other conditions.

In general, working too hard and almost burning yourself out would directly lead to stress. It is not an ideal upshot because stress can inevitably lead to dozens of physical ailments, from heart disease to dizziness, and it undermines our mental health as well.

Stress can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, and other emotional problems. So, to prevent stress and to avoid burning yourself out that your body tends to fuse out and releases no more energy because of its condition, take some tips o how to live a healthy, stress-free life.

1. Lighten the load

Are you one of those people who have no downtime? Do you go from work to home to your volunteer position or children’s activities, leaving no time for your pleasures? Then you may be on overload.

Overload is being active without ever attending to your human needs. Health experts say that everyone needs true downtime to relax and recover.

Downtime refers to the time you do not have to answer to anyone, when you have no responsibilities. It is that time when you garden, read a mystery novel, go for a walk, or lose yourself in gourmet-food preparation.

2. Divide the hours

Doing multitasking or handling multiple responsibilities, many people run around like rats in a maze, completely forgetting their own needs.

Set the time for individual tasks, and plan for interruptions or distractions. Try to recognize your needs and care for yourself. Even the busiest person can find 15 minutes every day to be alone.

3. Find your optimum time

Learn to know your individual rhythm and plan the day accordingly.

4. Take time-outs

Stop everything, curb your activities, and take a deep breath. You will generate superior judgments when you are not doing it from a harried state.

5. Get help

If you cannot handle all the work, admit it, do not burn yourself out, and begin delegating immediately.

6. Do a stress rehearsal…with exercise!

According to the health experts, exercise plays a key role in minimizing the damage that stress does to our health. It acts as a stress rehearsal for other kinds of stress. If the body gets used to dealing with the flood of hormones that are released during exercise, then it learns to respond better to all kinds of stress in the future.

Exercise also triggers the release of endorphins, brain chemicals associated with pain relief and euphoria. Endorphin levels rise significantly both in the brain and in the body as a result of exercise. When we make exercise a constant in our lives, our elevated endorphin levels can make us calmer.

7. Breathe easy

Yoga increases self-awareness and makes us acutely sensitive to physiological and psychological stressors in our lives. If you can perceive the source of stress early on, then you can intervene with deep breathing, which is an important component of yoga. IN fact, yoga experts contend that breathing interventions is worth gold.

8. Let nature nurture you

Nature can be a tremendous aid in preventing stress. And you can find nature in some unexpected places: the plant store, a local park, or even outside your own office. Some simple suggestions: Fill your home and work space with lush, living plants; put a fish tank in your office; stroke your pets at least 15 minutes every day; and walk outdoors on your lunch hour instead of hanging around the office or lunchroom.

Best of all, learn to say no to new responsibilities when your plate is already full. One of the main reasons why people feel burnt out or stressed is that they take on too many tasks at once and underestimate how much time they will need to complete them.

The bottom line here is that if you were only more realistic in estimating how much time they need to spend on certain activities, they would probably feel less stress and less burn out.

Try to live a happy and healthy life and rev up that energy!

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