Posted on Oct 30th, 2006

Is has rained all day here in Tallahassee, Florida. It was raining when I went to bed last night, it was raining when I got up this morning, and it’s raining now as I write this on a Saturday evening. The temperature has hung around forty three degrees all day.

What’s your rain attitude?

A little while ago I went up to the grocery store to do a bit of shopping. I noticed how any different ways people handle the rain.

Some people stay in their car or in the store, as if the rain will hurt them somehow.

Some people decide all the regular rules no longer apply and create their own parking places.

Some couples fight each other for who is going to control the umbrella.

I watched 3 twenty somethings, two guys and one girl, having a great time trying to juggle one umbrella.

Some people continue on as if nothing at all is different.

To me the rain is fun. I don’t understand why people freak out about it. It’s not that much different from taking a shower, just with your clothes on.

When I have my boys with me and they see a puddle, I have to hit it with the car for the splash effect, or else.

The other day I caught myself hitting a puddle and making a big splash.

I was by myself.

It was a blast.

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