Posted on Nov 3rd, 2006

The Law of Decision and Question - Every day we have to make a decision and answer a question about stress. Is it going to beat us or are we going to beat it? Each and every day.

The Law of Recovery - We can handle any amount of stress, if we have an equal or greater amount of recovery after the stress.

The Law of Laughter - The law of laughter states that “if you can laugh about it, you can handle it."

The Law of "Manageable Chunks" - Often what seems like overwhelming amounts of stress can be managed if it’s broken down into small enough chunks. This is when the old saying "one day at a time" may be too big a chunk. So we go to 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, one lifetime.

The Law of Diamonds - If you have a diamond anywhere near you at the moment, take a look at it. Did you know that the beautiful gem you are seeing is nothing more than a lump of coal that handled stress very well?

The Law of Reframing - Reframing means to put a different frame around something, in order to look at it in a different way. An example would be instead of saying to yourself “how I am I ever going to return all these phone messages", reframe it into “I’ve worked very hard for a long time to have this many people who want to talk to me!"

The Law of Dead Roaches - Too many times we take the "dead roach approach" to stress. You know what I mean, just sort of rolling over with your feet in the air, allowing stress to stomp on you. Get up and get moving!

The Law of NO - One great way to manage stress is to learn how to say no, especially when no is the very best thing to say.

The Law of Challenge - It’s important to challenge yourself each day to handle stress in a way that will allow you to thrive and to shine. My personal challenge to you is to take these universal laws and use them to successfully manage the stress in your life.

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