Posted on Nov 12th, 2006

Do you like festive holidays and dislike holiday stress?

Do they greatly energize you, or do you feel somewhat on-the-edge? Do you try avoiding holiday stress when it begins, during and especially after it’s gone?

Or, have you been saying for years (with a tinge of unexplained disgust), “It’s just another day." You couldn’t care less about another “meaningless, rather fattening holiday stress, and perhaps an emotional marker” in the calendar?

As you relax, (go ahead now), and look through this article, you may discover valuable tips to put spunk, laughter, and meaning with well deserved emotional rest into the future “festive days off”.

The personal energy of anticipation, preparation and plain attending to any festive times can in fact be preserved, stored and used more effectively – the FUN way!

Here are a few holiday stress reliever tips on how … you can!

Tip # 1:
YOU are in full charge here! Assess the total workload of all festive duties and decide which ones matter the most. It really all comes down to the moments spent with the ones you love. The limited time we all have to spend with each other is the most valuable.

Tip # 2:
Keeping things and matters SIMPLE is the name of the energy-saving game! Gifts, baking, parties, grocery shopping, kids events, menu planning, house decorating and much more – they all can go on a diet instead of you at the end.

Tip # 3:
As for gifts, think gift certificates! They can be mailed-out or delivered directly to the recipient’s address with you going out for a walk by the river or in the winter wonderland park as a cunningly relaxing alternative.

A few helpful gift certificate ideas while managing holiday stress better: Movies, restaurants, babysitters, house cleaning, theatre tickets, window washing, gutter clean out, massages, pedicures, manicures, heating ducts cleaning, yard clean up and landscaping, painting, bed and breakfast getaways, or other various useful services that will save time for you (looking) and for the recipients (doing them in the middle of a temper-bursting work week).

Told you, you are in charge of your stress free holidays!

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